St. John’s, Newfoundland



As project manager and owner, The Hardman Group brings a new iconic apartment building to the City of St. John's.  MIX is the most recent example of our firm's commitment to the long-term growth and development of the communities we work in. During construction, HGL lead a team of experts, tradespeople and project managers – each committed to working together to build a successful project.

One of Canada’s very few iconic flatiron buildings, MIX has a long history of helping to define the city’s skyline. The original structure was damaged in the great fire of 1892; however, repairs were completed and the building still stands today. In more recent years, it was commonly known as the NewTel or Bell Building - home of the Newfoundland Telephone Company. Once it no longer housed tenants, we saw the potential in its great “bones” and downtown location in one of Atlantic Canada’s trendiest, up-and-coming neighborhoods. Construction began in 2015 with the addition of three penthouse floors, a new 17,000 sf wing in the west end and a complete interior redesign. MIX now houses 71 beautiful, modern apartments where residents are lucky enough to enjoy the perfect mix of living in a vibrant neighborhood, stunning views and modern units.

A Planned Residential Community
Halifax, Nova Scotia



Clayton Park is located along the southwestern border of Rockingham and bordering the northern part of Fairview. The planned residential community was created in the early 70’s as an upper middle class community by Clayton Park Developments (of which HGL was a part of).  Architectural requirements for houses and apartments were determined and adhered to during development.  Modeled after the successful post-war "new-town" of Don Mills, Ontario in the decade before, Clayton Park was planned to include 'roomy' quarter-acre to half-acre lots on winding streets, an elementary and middle school, churches, a library, walkable shopping plazas, recreational space and an abundance of green space. Primary house colors consisted of earthy tones of adobe reds, greens, browns and grays, which were popular for the mid-century post and beam house styles of the 1950s. Canadian architects Henry Fliess, Peter Dickinson, James A. Murray and Venchiarutti & Venchiarutti can be attributed to many of the modern house designs in the community.  Since the development of this neighborhood, Clayton Park has continued to expand and is now one of the more vibrant neighborhoods in the City.