KTV Working Drone Canada & US Coming to North America

Longstanding concerns with safety and the high cost of window cleaning led Bill Hardman and partners Ashley Phillips and Clayton Hardman to acquire the master franchise for KTV Working Drone for both Canada and the United States.

Bill Hardman, President of the Hardman Group, said dealing with the high cost of window cleaning in one of their residential projects in Newfoundland resulted in him saying “there has to be a better way!”. As a result, Hardman researched a Norwegian company that offers a proprietary system for cleaning building facades and windows by using drones. 

Hardman and Ashley Phillips, Executive VP of the Hardman Group, spent a week in Norway reviewing the business model and the technology in the operating systems.  “We were so impressed that before leaving Norway, we signed the master franchise agreement for Canada and the United States.”

The KTV system of facade cleaning will revolutionize the industry and provide an alternative for building owners.  By utilizing the KTV system, this new solution to façade/window cleaning is a game-changer – safe, environmentally friendly, fast and more cost-effective than traditional methods. The overall market for this service for Canada and the United States is huge. The new companies, KTV Working Drone Canada and KTV Working Drone USA will sell franchises across North America and begin operations in Atlantic Canada by July 1st.  Franchises will be structured to geographical or population pockets to allow independence and success for each operator.  There is already a waiting list of applicants from across North America who are interested in a franchise. 

Depending upon the size of the territory, franchise fees will start at $25,000. Territories with larger population density will have higher franchise fees. The United States will be divided by each state with the exception of California, Florida, Texas and New York.  In addition to the franchise fees, the initial capital costs are in the range of $90,000 plus the cost of a vehicle.

In July, façade/window cleaning operations will commence in Atlantic Canada and Hardman says “we will be ready and happy to help fellow building owners with their exterior building maintenance challenges”.   

Hardman says, “it will be an exciting time growing the new company. Just Google any downtown area and you quickly see that this is an enormous opportunity to improve safety and reduce costs in the property management community.” 

Take a peek at our professionally trained pilots putting our drones into action:  

KTV SelfCleaner  –  https://youtu.be/8BcQx159trU     
Window Cleaning – https://youtu.be/rRfysBCxcgU